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The Tax Return Filing Deadlines Have Been Altered A Bit

(posted: September 28th, 2015)

The Tax Return Filing Deadlines Have Been Altered A Bit...

...For Businesses

For tax years beginning after 2015, returns of partnerships are due within 2.5 months after year end, March 15 for calendar-year firms.

The idea is to give preparers time to transfer data from K-1s to the 1040s of partners in time for April 15. Trade associations representing preparers have been seeking this change for years. Returns of regular corporations will be due one month later, 3.5 months after year end, except for corporations that have a fiscal year ending June 30.

  • Partnerships will be able to request six-month extensions.
  • Corporations will be able to request five months.

...For Owners With Foreign Accounts

The filing date for owners with foreign accounts is moved up. Currently, owners of foreign accounts with over $10,000 of assets must e-file FinCEN Form 114 by June 30.

Beginning with tax year 2016, the form will be due on April 15. However, taxpayers will for the first time be allowed to request an additional six months to file.

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