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NEW! Electronic Signatures Using RightSignature

(posted: February 15th, 2016)

This year we are giving our clients the option of signing engagement letters, tax return authorizations, and de Minimis policy statements electronically.

The process is simple, secure and convenient.

We will email you the documents to be signed electronically.

Here is how it works--Once you recieve the email you:

  • click on the link for RightSignature
  • sign where indicated
  • click on the "submit" button to return the signed document to our office

You will also have a signed copy for your records. Spouses will each receive their own document to sign for tax filing authorizations.

We will email the authorizations two days after we mail your tax returns in order to give you time to receive the returns.

It's our hope that you will find this system easy to use and more efficient.

If you do not have an email address or wish to sign manually, you may still do so.

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