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PSVS New Email Addresses

(posted: September 19th, 2017)

Along with our name change to Polly, Scatena, Vasheresse and Sater, or PSVS, we have new email addresses!

The new addresses are simply your PSVS contact's first name, followed by For example, Joe Will's email address is

For your convenience, here is a list of all PSVS employees and their email addresses:

  • Annabelle Anonuevo:
  • Pat Capps:
  • Gina Catu:
  • Lee Edwards:
  • Gayle George:
  • Nicole McGovern:
  • Sabrina Sater:
  • David Scatena:
  • JoAnne Scatena:
  • Jeanette Vasheresse:
  • Joe Will:

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